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ACR Utah Research Team

Dr. Judith Kirstein, Family Practice (Principal Investigator)

Dr. Barbara Rizzardi, Family Practice

Dr. Francis Clark, Podiatry

Dr. Jarod Davies, Optometrist

Dr. Robert Hill, Psychology

Dr. Annaliza Piactitelli, Family Practice

Dr. Randall Watson, Family Practice: Advanced Clincial Research – Southwest Family Medicine

Dr. Mark Johnson, Family Practice: Advanced Clincial Research- Jordan Ridge Family Medicine

Dr. Kent Smith, Gastroenterology:  Advanced Clincial Research – Gut Whisperer

Dr. Umaprassana Karanam, Gastroenterology:  Advanced Clincial Research – Gut Whisperer

Dr. James Roth, OBGYN:  Advanced Clinical Research – Old Farm OB/GYN

Dr. Mark Taylor, Dermatology:  Advanced Clincial Research – Gateway Aesthetic Institute & Laser Center

Dr. Stephen Miller, Cardiology:  Advanced Clinical Research – Intermountain Heart Center

Dr. Michelle Murday, Colon and Rectal Surgeon: Advanced Clincial Research – Associates in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Jeremy Rigby (Executive Director) – BS, MBA Team Member Since 2010
Susan Thompson (Director of Clinical Operations) – Team Member Since 2011
Tristen Richins (Site Manager) – NCMA, BS, MBA Team Member Since 2014
Debbie Pugh (Corporate Controller) – Team Member Since 2006