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Advanced Clinical Research (ACR) is a community-based, dedicated research site with over 31 years of clinical research experience. ACR Utah is conveniently located on the Jordan Valley Medical Center campus, 20 minutes from the Salt Lake City International Airport and easily accessible from both Bangerter Highway and the 9000 South corridor, in one of the most vibrant communities in the Rocky Mountain states.

Under the leadership of Medical Director Judith Kirstein, MD (over 22 years of research experience) our Investigators and dedicated research staff are passionate about research and conducting highly compliant and accurate clinical trials. Our study volunteers are well trained in their responsibilities and routinely demonstrate high participant study compliance. Four dedicated study volunteer recruiters have a database of over 25,000 volunteers to contact for studies.

Facility Description

  • 8 Exam rooms
  • Onsite lab
  • 2 pharmaceutical grade refrigerators (-70 & -20 C Freezer)
  • 24 hr temperature monitoring and alarms
  • Backup generator
  • Locked ambient drug storage
  • Infusion area
  • Overnight stay capabilities
  • Infusion capabilities
  • 3 dedicated monitoring rooms (with windows)
  • Adjacent to emergency room
  • Yellow Fever Vaccine stamp

Our Dedicated Research Staff includes:

  • 6 Investigators
  • 10 Coordinators
  • 4 Full-time Patient Recruiters
  • Front desk/reception
  • Dedicated Regulatory Specialist
  • Dedicated QA Specialist
  • Dedicated Data Entry Specialist
  • 2 Research Assistants

Additional Information

The health and safety of our study participants is our first priority, while also generating the highest quality and volume of data for study sponsors. In the past 5 years, ACR Utah has been inspected by FDA and has not received an FDA 483.

ACR Utah has research experience in a variety of indications. Click here to view a complete list.

We appreciate fast start-up timelines and we have a very quick study start-up team to ensure that, whether we are starting a newly initiated study or being added as an add-on rescue site, we will meet your start-up timelines.

ACR Utah welcomes inquiries from sponsors and CRO’s relative to upcoming development opportunities. ACR has master CDA’s with many sponsors/CRO’s. For those requesting CDA’s prior to providing protocol summaries or for other inquiries, please contact Site Manager, Tristen Richins, at trichins@acr-research.com, to initiate the process. Once received, we will efficiently conduct an internal feasibility assessment and respond to you in a timely fashion.

We appreciate your visit to the ACR website. Please take your time and browse through sections of the website that may interest you.

For More Information

If you are interested in working with us or learning more about our sites please contact:

Kate Fargus
Director of Business Development
Phone: 216-682-0320 x240